Be prepared for new challenges in 2013. And a look back to where it all began, below.

Run While You Can is dedicated to helping YOU change the lives of many.  Each of us has a role to play in the betterment of our cities, our countries, and our entire world, so find your passion and act today.  Act now because, by the misfortune of fate, there are those that cannot.  Act now because there are those that simply will not.  Act now because you can, and because tomorrow you may not be able.  Do not look back on your life with regrets…                Live – Help – Work – Ride – Teach – Play – Sing – Yell – RUN while you can.

Donations to Run While You Can are invested to produce fundraising events that accentuate the importance of living fully today.  Run While You Can partners with individuals in efforts to raise money for other reputable national charitable organizations.

Most Recent From The Blog…

In My Own Words: More to ComeHappy Halloween. Exactly one year ago today I stood in the corner of a Brookline (MA) basement dressed as ‘insert-your-favorite-long-haired-soccer-player-here,’ mind racing, intent on finally telling someone my crazy plan. My friend Corissa was there too, so, through sips of flat keg beer I talked her ear off. Wait…how many miles is it? How many days? Why do you want to do this? Oh, well that’s cute…but this sounds a little bit like a Halloween joke. I mean, you really think this is possible? …

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