What really motivates a person to challenge himself so brutally?

For half of his life, Sam has watched his mother’s escalating struggle with Parkinson’s disease, and seeing her mobility decline has influenced his sense of the body’s limitations. Over the course of the 60-day run, his body will deteriorate. The stress will take its physical toll, putting him at risk for broken bones and long-term injuries. The chance of failure is high, and whether he finishes will be determined more by the strength of his mind than his body.

Imposing such demands on himself has an empathetic quality that draws parallels with the challenges that his mother faces daily. Unlike his mother, however, Sam’s struggle is voluntary, a choice. We want to create a film that explores the idea of empathy, of submerging oneself in the extremes of a challenge as a way of emulating another’s strength.

Run While You Can: A Documentary Film is a Gaspee Films production, directed by Marion Mauran. Gaspee Films is in no way financially affiliated with Run While You Can, and no portion of donations to Run While You Can go towards the production of this film. The film is currently in post-production  It was shot on location by a small crew to document Sam Fox as he attempted to traverse the Pacific Crest Trail in record time. For a full synopsis, crew bios, updates from the road, videos, and information on how to support the film through the International Documentary Association visit  www.runwhileyoucanfilm.com

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  2. Hi I am an artist, former Pole Vaulter and father with Parkinson’s. It is a terrible condition but I am still able to paint.

    I now live in Montrose Colorado. If my art can help you futher your goals please let me know.

    WAY TO GO!!!

    Robert Kevin Meyers
    970-275-5397 cell

  3. Sam,

    My name is Kevin Burkart. I’m an activist for PD as well. My father was diagnosed in 1999. Currently 73 he looks like he’s going on 93, you know the story.

    Best wishes to you with your creative idea. I do encourage you to jump off that wall, but use a parachute: http://www.perfectjumps.com/movie.html

    I’m going for 300 skydives in one day on June 19th, 2012 for Parkinson’s Disease. Come jump with me.

    Kevin Burkart kevin@stepstonegroup.com 952-457-8066

  4. Maria Neary says:

    Way to go Sam!
    I volunteer for the Davis Phinney Foundation in Boulder, CO. Diagnosed with PD in 2000, Davis is an inspiration to millions of families, who will never give up hope for finding a cure for PD.
    I’m 61 years old and inspired by the kindness and courage of Davis, I am training and fundraising for an incredible high altitude bike ride, The Copper Triangle, taking place in Colorado, August 2012.
    I’m going to ride while I can, for PD.
    You can visit the website: http://www.davisphinneyfoundation.org
    Come ride with us.
    Kindly, Maria

    • Way to go, Maria!!! Keep me posted on your ride!!! I would love to know how it goes. In fact, would you be interested in doing a guest post about your upcoming ride/your experience in PD? Let me know. You go,girl!

      Sherri Woodbridge

  5. Charles Williams says:

    Way to go, Sam. My grandpa had PD for 20 years before he died. I saw him go from a proud strong willed man to a shadow of his former self.

    I’m also a PCT Thru Hiker from ’93. I am currently preparing for a thru-ride on horseback. I plan to raise money for mental health programs.

    Congrat’s on a great summer.


  6. Sam and team – I can’t wait to see this!!! I am so proud of you Ssam and wish I could have met you as you came through Ashland…

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