NYC Marathon

Remember Chloé? She’s my girlfriend and one of the most important characters in the RWYC success story from 2011. Without her, none of RWYC’s donors would have received those awesome postcards – her persistence, energy, and organization are major reasons that Run While You Can raised more than $150,000 – she was also one of the only reasons I ever had a positive thought while plodding down the PCT. You may also recall that Chloé joined me on the trail near Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe, logging nearly 40 miles by my side. For almost a year she made sacrifices to support my efforts and to ensure that I succeeded; from accompanying me on training hikes, to addressing thank-you-letters, to giving me something to look forward to during some of the roughest, darkest miles of the PCT. I’ll be in debt forever, though it’s a debt I’m happy to bear.

Chloé is yet again putting my interests ahead of hers. On November 4th, 2012, she is running the NYC Marathon with her best friend, Morissa. They are running to support Team Fox, and raising money for Parkinson’s disease research.

Chloé and Morissa have been friends since High School and are completely dedicated to each other. Morissa convinced her entire extended family to give to RWYC simply because Chloé was involved and had faith in me. We had only met once, Morissa and I, before I started last year’s trek, and I can’t be sure that I made even a decent first impression. So, it’s a testament to her loyalty (and her family’s generosity!) that she was willing to so blindly get involved with RWYC.

These two are at it again, taking up a cause that is so near to my heart (and wallet, considering I work for the Michael J. Fox Foundation now) and I cannot thank them enough. I have made it a mission to help them reach their fundraising goal – because Morissa lent her support to me with no hint of hesitation last year, and because Chloé worked tirelessly to see my dream realized (and I love her). So please, help me help them by donating to their Team Fox efforts. Thanks again to everyone who has stuck with us for this long!

Chloe on the right, Morissa on the left. 20 miles in the rain.

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